We are a specialist marketing company who run marketing activities that generate constant streams of enquiries for our clients. Without exception, for the clients we manage ongoing inbound marketing activities for, all gain a profitable return on our costs. In essence, good inbound marketing shouldn’t cost you a penny, it should only increase your profits.

Here are some ways in which we could create a constant flow of inbound enquiries for you…

Hop to the top of Google


All your potential customers have one trait in common: they ure the internet. And good marketing is all about being where your customers are. We work with you to present your website at the top of Google. We use Google Adwords and search engine optimisation to make sure your website sees a significant increase in visitors. We then improve your website to make sure your visitors are more likely to enquire.

We work very hard to understand your customers. In doing so, we can get to the heart of what they feel they need to know before they enquire. We then use this information to run marketing activity that is focused on your potential customers at a point when they are ready to buy. Our marketing activities present you as having the answers your customers need, just at the right moment.

Appear in front of your potential customers when they are ready to buy

Create situations where you can show your business in the best light

We never use a set formula for our inbound marketing. All businesses and markets are different to some degree. We vary our approaches and agree with you the activities we feel will be most successful before we deliver them. We might run seminars, webinars, direct marketing, online marketing and more. Our approach is typically to run marketing activities that are likely to gain the best return on your investment.

Motivate potential customers to enquire

It is often not enough to show your potential customers your products or services and then hope that they will enquire. Most markets are competitive and most customers are busy – so they need to be motivated. Our job is to tap into your customersmotivations, demonstrate that your business has the answers and then present your products or services as the solution.

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